Staycation: Marina Del Rey Beach, CA

Since I was feeling better after my second Moderna COVID-19 vaccination shot, I decided to go to Marina Del Rey Beach and walk along the water and look at the sailboats passing by. This location was bittersweet since I used to walk our dog here on my PTO days. Walking along this beach without my little Stinker made me a little sad, but I had to remind myself that he's no longer in pain. I saw lots of birds, heard the ocean waves crashing, and enjoyed being outdoors taking in the ocean breezes. 

It was great realizing that this beach is 5 minutes from my house. I do take it for granted sometimes. 

One day, I'll ride a boat through here since everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves on the water. 

I loved how blue the water and sky was on this day in May. 

I think I enjoyed this beach better when my dog was with me. Sigh.

After my walk, I started to get a headache so I made my way back home. Turns out the side effects from the 2nd Moderna shot didn't fully go away and cut my time short outdoors. I had lingering body aches and headaches, which went away after 3 days post jab.  


Some videos I captured are below:

Overall, this location was great and I saw some dogs being walked along the beach although I heard tickets were being given out if they were off leash. Parking in this location was metered and there's usually spots available no matter what day I've gone. 

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