Road Trip: Tombstone, AZ

Tombstone, AZ is the town “too tough to die.” My siblings Sean, Steven, and I walked into the haunted Birdcage Theatre and saw the old bullet holes still in tact inside the building. We then ate at the Longhorn Restaurant for dinner, (Virgil Earp was shot from the second floor). We also walked the same streets that Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday walked on. This historic town is also the site of the O.K Corral gunfight. Here are some travel tips if you're planning to visit Tombstone, AZ.

Travel Tips for Tombstone, AZ 

Immerse Yourself in History: 

Explore Tombstone's historic district to experience the sights and sounds of the Wild West era, including historic buildings, museums, and reenactments.

Visit Historic Landmarks: 

Tour iconic landmarks such as the OK Corral, Boothill Graveyard, and Bird Cage Theatre to learn about Tombstone's past and infamous characters.

Attend Gunfight Shows: 

Witness live gunfight reenactments performed by local actors at venues throughout Tombstone for an entertaining glimpse into the town's history.

Explore Museums: 

Visit museums like the Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park and the Tombstone Epitaph Museum to delve deeper into the town's history through exhibits and artifacts.

Enjoy Western Entertainment: 

Experience live music, saloon shows, and cowboy poetry performances at bars, restaurants, and theaters in Tombstone's historic district.

Take a Historic Tour: 

Join a guided walking or trolley tour of Tombstone to explore the town's historic sites and hear fascinating stories from knowledgeable guides. There are also ghost tours, if that's your spooky thing. 

Shop for Souvenirs: 

Browse shops offering Western-themed souvenirs, gifts, and memorabilia, including cowboy hats, leather goods, and Old West collectibles.

Dine in Historic Restaurants: 

Sample hearty Western cuisine at local restaurants and saloons, some of which are housed in historic buildings dating back to the 1800s.

Attend Special Events: 

Check Tombstone's event calendar for annual festivals, parades, and celebrations commemorating the town's heritage and history.

Respect Local Customs: 

Embrace the spirit of the Old West and show respect for Tombstone's history and culture while visiting this iconic Arizona destination.

Trip Recap

Birdcage Theatre Address: 535 E Allen St, Tombstone, AZ 85638

We drove from Flagstaff to our AIRBNB in Sierra Vista, which was just a 30 minute drive to Tombstone. Upon arriving, we were amazed by the historic buildings and dirt roads.

Just being in Tombstone made our long weekend trip worth it and I could tell my bros enjoyed this spot the most. We walked into multiple souvenir shops and picked up little trinkets from the Bird Cage Theatre. 

You can see the peeling paint on the ceiling and the famous painting that still has a bullet through it. The floors creaked the same way they did ages ago so it was cool to experience history. 

It was awesome seeing the site of the O.K. Corral gunfights but sadly, the place was closed.

As we walked down the street, we heard karaoke coming from the haunted Big Nose Kate’s Saloon. This location was featured in Ghost Adventures (Season 10 Episode 11). The episode is called, "Return to Tombstone" where they also featured the haunted Birdcage Theatre. 

We enjoyed our dinner at the Longhorn Restaurant where we had the blooming onion, Huevos Mexicanos Skillet, burgers and chili in a bread bowl. 


After walking around seeing numerous saloons, the O.K. Corral, historic landmarks, and restaurants, we made our way to Wyatt Earp’s house. 

There was a statue of Earp along with a wagon and horse statue.

There were so many tours offered including ghost tours, but we decided to head back to the AIRBNB where my brothers turned on the 1993 movie Tombstone featuring Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, and Bill Paxton.

The overall trip was amazing and we had so much fun trying new restaurants and wandering around looking at all the historic landmarks. 

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