Road Trip: Grand Canyon Caverns, AZ

Visiting the Grand Canyon Caverns was on my list of caves to check out once I started researching stops along the way to the Grand Canyon National Park. The caverns are also known to be haunted and as a fan of Ghost Adventures (watch Season 10 Episode 1), I had to visit and see this place for myself. After driving from Los Angeles, CA to Peach Springs, AZ, my two brothers and I arrived early and it started snowing, so we took photos of the dinosaurs outside of Radiator Springs Gas Station, which inspired the Pixar Cars movie. We also took photos of all the cool signs on the Grand Canyon Caverns building entrance. Once the caverns opened at 9am, we made our way inside and documented our journey 200-300 feet underground. 

Location address: Route 66 Mile Marker 115 Peach Springs, Arizona

Upon entering, we headed to a counter and paid for our Cavern Tour tickets. Tickets for the 45-minute tour cost $25.95 for adults (aged 13 and above). Seniors get a discounted rate at $21.95 and tix for Kids ages 6-12 years old cost $15.95, with kids under 5 years old getting in for FREE. As we waited for our tour guide, we walked around the Cavern store looking at shirts, patches, beanies, gloves, and tons of souvenirs. We were told The Cavern Grill finally reopened the day of our visit. (Opens at 12pm Thu-Sun and closes at 4pm). 

After riding the elevator 300 feet below ground, we noticed it was a bit chilly inside. We learned the cavern temperature is a consistent 56 degrees year round. 

Near the elevator, there was a section that was wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs were only able to go through a certain part of the cavern as there were steep inclines and the walkways were pretty narrow. 

I was so relieved that we were the only ones on the tour since we arrived early. It was great learning about how the cavern was formed and how fragile the walls were so nobody was allowed to touch them. 

There were cool lights set up inside to enhance the look of the cavern. 

We were surprised by how large the cave was and shocked to learn that it was as long as three football fields! No wonder we were so out of breath walking around. It was like a moderate hike. 

Our tour guide told us that during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the cavern was a fallout shelter with enough crackers, water, medical supplies, and food for ~2,000 people. 

Our tour guide also took us to the very spot where a poltergeist threw a rock to scare away the paranormal investigators in the Ghost Adventures episode (Season 10 Episode 1). There's even a sign documenting the location. 

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Caverns Grotto was closed. It would have been so awesome to eat burgers inside the cave. For those lucky to visit around August 2021, the restaurant is open now. 

While walking around, we stumbled upon a full suite complete with two loveseats, two beds, a TV, microwave, fridge and restroom with a shower. There were even DVDs, books, and games to enjoy. Renting the suite for one night costs $1,000. Mind you, the place is known to be a site of paranormal activity. Luckily, we didn't encounter anything weird. Not sure if I'm brave enough to sleep down there. 

Nice sized TV and lots of reading material and movies. 

The two loveseats/couches look pretty comfortable and clean. 

Two beds were behind the two couches. 

Towards the end of the tour, we were taken to a mummified coyote. 

There was also a mummified bob cat, which died ~1850.

My attempt at a selfie inside the cavern.

Our tour guide showing us around. 

After the tour, we were starving. Walking around the cavern definitely worked up our appetites. We all had burgers, fries and bottled Coke. For dessert, we had fresh baked chocolate cookies. 

Grand Canyon Caverns Travel Tips

Plan Your Visit: 

Research Grand Canyon Caverns' operating hours, tour options, and admission fees in advance to optimize your experience.

Dress Appropriately: 

Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes suitable for walking and exploring cavernous terrain.

Choose a Tour: 

Select a guided tour option that suits your interests and physical abilities, ranging from standard tours to adventurous spelunking expeditions.

Bring Essentials: 

Carry essentials such as water, snacks, a flashlight, and a camera to capture the unique formations and underground landscapes.

Follow Safety Guidelines: 

Listen to your tour guide and adhere to safety regulations, including staying on designated paths and avoiding touching formations.

Learn About Geology: 

Take advantage of educational opportunities to learn about the geology, history, and ecology of the caverns during your tour.

Visit Nearby Attractions: 

Explore other nearby attractions, such as Route 66 landmarks and the Hualapai Reservation, to enhance your trip to the Grand Canyon Caverns area.

Consider Overnight Stays: 

Extend your adventure with an overnight stay in one of the caverns' unique accommodations, including cave suites and RV camping options.

Support Local Business: 

Visit the gift shop to purchase souvenirs and support the local economy, or enjoy a meal at the onsite restaurant before or after your tour. (The cheeseburgers were delish!)

Leave No Trace: 

Respect the caverns' fragile ecosystem by disposing of waste properly and leaving the underground environment as you found it for future visitors to enjoy.

Overall, the cavern did not disappoint and our tour guide taught us so much. Make sure to check out the Grand Canyon Caverns & Inn Instagram account:

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