Hornblower Premier Brunch Cruise - Marina del Rey, CA

Marina Del Rey, CA is a filled with outdoor activities including paddleboarding, bike trails, and even brunch cruises. My friend Melissa and I booked our 2-hour brunch cruise through City Cruises and boarded out of Fisherman's Village at 10:30am on Saturday. The entire City Cruises experience for $107 was awesome and I'd definitely take another cruise again as it was complete with an all you can eat buffet, endless champagne with your choice of juice (orange, pineapple, or grapefruit), live music, and amazing views of the Marina del Rey harbor. Here are some highlights and travel tips for a brunch cruise in Marina Del Rey, CA. 

Brunch Cruise Highlights 



Upon boarding, we were handed a glass of champagne and then we presented our digital ticket QR code to the staff, which was scanned with an iPad. Then, we were given our table number and headed upstairs where helpful staff pointed us in the right direction. Our server Daniel gave us a rundown of what to expect. First, he refilled our champagne glasses and we were told it would be topped off throughout the entire cruise. AMAZING!

We paid an extra $12 for the Bloody Mary special for two and it was deliciously spicy. 

Then, we were told that he'd let us know when it was our turn to get our food from the buffet. For crowd control purposes, they staggered the tables and released us after a few minutes. The food was delicious and consisted of croissants, bagels, or your choice of pastry. Salmon and cream cheese and fruits were also offered. On the next table, Caesar's Salad, bacon, sausage, eggs, potatoes, French toast, prime rib and turkey were offered.  

I loved our tiny glasses of champagne and made sure to pace myself since we'd be on this yacht from 10:30am - 1pm. The boat started sailing around 10:45 am, the waters were calm and we could barely tell we were moving. I didn't even need to take my Dramamine since it was such a smooth ride. 

We were able to roam the front and back of the ship as well as the rooftop deck, which was complete with couches and benches all along the sides. We spent most of our time upstairs enjoying the sunshine, watching the sailboats, paddle boarders, and kayakers pass us by. 

I was so relieved the weather was great. The cruise dress code was casual to dressy and they suggested you bring a hat, light sweater. jacket and sunglasses. 

One Marina del Rey Premier Brunch Cruise base ticket costs $82 where you sail for 2 hours. The all you can eat brunch menu contains seasonal dishes. Included in the ticket, you get free flowing champagne, coffee, tea, water soda, and you also get to enjoy live entertainment. I loved that they played yacht rock the entire time. 

Travel Tips for a Brunch Cruise (Updated March 2024)

Reserve in Advance: 

Book your spot on the Hornblower Premier Brunch Cruise with City Cruises in Marina Del Rey in advance to ensure availability, especially during peak seasons. When booking online, you can select whether you're celebrating a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, etc. You can also select whether you have any dietary restrictions. 

There are drink packages you can order including top shelf drink ticket package (4 tix for $44.80) or Bottomless Bloody Mary's for $12. A la carte dishes are also available to order although there's an all you can eat buffet. During the booking process, you can also purchase merchandise like a Hornblower beer mug, captain's hat, or City Cruises keepsake champagne flute.

Arrive Early: 

Arrive at the designated boarding location at least 30 minutes before departure to check-in, receive boarding instructions, and secure a good seat.

Dress Appropriately: 

Dress in smart-casual attire suitable for a brunch cruise, considering the weather and the possibility of sea breezes.

Bring a Camera: 

Capture the stunning views of the Marina Del Rey coastline, landmarks, and marine life during the cruise with your camera or smartphone.

Enjoy the Buffet: 

Indulge in a delicious brunch buffet featuring a variety of breakfast and lunch dishes, as well as free flowing beverages such as champagne, mimosas, and juices.

Relax on Deck: 

Find a comfortable spot on the outdoor deck to enjoy the sea breeze and panoramic views of the marina and surrounding areas.

Explore the Vessel: 

Take time to explore the Hornblower Premier yacht, including its spacious decks, elegant interiors, and onboard amenities.

Listen to Live Music: 

Enjoy live music entertainment onboard the cruise, adding to the ambiance and relaxation of your brunch experience.

Participate in Activities: 

Engage in onboard activities such as sightseeing, wildlife spotting, and narration provided by knowledgeable crew members.

Tip Graciously: 

Show appreciation for the crew's service and hospitality by tipping graciously at the end of the cruise, following standard tipping etiquette.

I rate this experience a 10/10 and would definitely do it again. I'm actually considering this option for my birthday with my husband and brothers. 

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