Exploring Moqui Cave + Belly of the Dragon Cave, Utah

After visiting The Valley of Fire, Zion National Park, and Bryce Canyon National Park, we decided to check out some caves near our Airbnb. We decided to skip hiking in Zion since thunderstorms were crazy that day so we explored the Moqui Cave of Ancient History as well as the Belly of the Dragon Cave in Orderville, UT. The views were amazing and it was a great family adventure full of conquering fears and heights.  

While we were inside the museum we could hear loud thunder and then it started pouring like crazy. We expected the rain but not for a few hours so we were caught off guard. 

We ran to our rental car, decided to kill some time, find shelter, and grab some food. We opted to go to Houston's Trails End Restaurant in Kanab where we ate country fried steak, open faced BBQ sandwiches, and banana cream pie. It was delicious and I want to go back. 

We then walked down the street and went to a souvenir shop and chatted with the owner who told us that according to his Doppler app, the rain would stop and within two hours everything would be dry enough to continue our adventures. It was still raining, so we headed to Duke's Department Store to get my brother Sean something for the rain and to get myself a new bag. 

We made our way to a ghost town, which consisted of dilapidated burned wooden buildings but it was still cool to see since there were horses across the street. My brother Steven took the photo below.

Once the rain finally stopped, we made our way back to the Moqui Caves to try our hand at climbing sandstone rocks. Hands down, this was one of the scariest hikes I've had to do since the "trail" was not well defined and we had to walk across a 45 degree sloped section of slippery sandstone rocks. Going in was fine, but coming back was scary and I froze but eventually found my footing and made it across and back down the steep cliff.  

Once inside the cave, we were amazed at how much sand there was and we loved the views. 



Upon visiting the Moqui Cave Museum of Ancient History we checked out artifacts, fossilized dino poop, fossils, rocks and learned about the history of the cave. Pictured below is a bar inside the cave, which is non-operational at the moment. 

You could purchase small fossilized Dino poop for $12 or if you wanted a large souvenir of Dino poop, just pay $17. 

Lots of artifacts that reminded me of the stuff I've seen on the show, Ancient Aliens.

After visiting the Moqui Cave, we decided to stop by Belly of the Dragon since it was just 10 mins from our Airbnb on our way home. This cave was more like a manmade storm drain where we were able to walk from one end of the cave to the other. It was scary and dark inside but fun all at the same time.

After visiting the Belly of the Dragon cave, we stopped by The Rock Shop for some ice cream and espresso milkshakes. I even bought two stones: Blue Lace Agate and Apache Tear.

Blue Lace Agate:
Astrological Associations: Pisces
Chakra: Throat
Healing Qualities: Very gentle and calming, providing balance and emotional stability. It raises your spiritual level and improves communication on all levels. 
Physical Benefits: Good for eyesight, speech, nails and the pancreas. Made into an elixir, it soothes tired eyes. 

Apache Tear
Astrological Associations: Aries
Chakra: Base
Healing Qualities: Good for change, moving forward in life, forgiveness and spontaneity. 
Physical Benefits: Good for the knees. Helps with vitamin C & D deficiencies. Good for emotional balance. 

Overall, we had an eventful day filled with awesome cave exploration and we even got to see rain in Utah for the first time. From this trip, I now love Utah and can understand why the Rock Shop owner left northern California to move to Utah. He said that after driving through Zion National Park, he was sold and decided to leave CA 15 years ago and never looked back. He said CA is too expensive, there's too much traffic, and he was just over it. He nearly convinced us to move out as well LOL! 

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