Girls Trip: Pine Mountain Club, CA

Pine Mountain Club was formed in the 1970’s primarily as a vacation and retirement area located 1 hour and 37 minutes north of Los Angeles, CA. Glad my friend Melissa suggested we do a quick 3-night getaway to the mountains from Oct. 4-6. The area is clean, quiet, and a great respite from the city where visitors are surrounded by nature. For some reason, this time around we noticed an increase in insects, specifically flies. 

According to the Pine Mountain Club Owners Association, "Over the years, the community has grown and evolved and is now home to full-time residents who commute into surrounding cities, are self-employed, or who have retired on the mountain. Many other property owners are “weekenders” who live and work in surrounding cities but come up to PMC periodically, or who use their homes as vacation or full-time rentals." 

Upon arriving in Pine Mountain Club around noon, Melissa and I stopped at La Lena Mexican Restaurant for some combination plates and a $7 glass of Pinot Grigio. Prices at this restaurant are phenomenal and budget-budget-frendly.

Address: 16237 Mil Potrero Hwy Frazier Park, CA 93225

I ordered the Enchilada and Taco Combo plate, which comes with rice and beans for just $12.50. 

Our AIRBNB cabin was located on Nesthorn Way and our host let us check-in as early as we wanted, which was rare welcomed surprise. 

Finally open after being closed during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bear Claw Bakery served delicious pastries, empanadas, and drinks. I had the $4 jalapeño cheese empanada, $3.25 Cappuccino muffin, and $5.25 Chai Tea Latte with Oat Milk. I'm still craving the moist Cappuccino muffin, which had melted chocolate chips inside. Melissa had the pistachio muffin, pumpkin muffin, spinach feta empanada and a hazelnut latte. 

Address: 16215 Pine Valley Ln Ste 101 Pine Mountain Club, CA 93225

Cute bear decor filled the bakery. 

Recap of our receipt and everything was delicious. (Prices as of October 2023).

Below are the hot drink selections consisting of fresh brewed coffee, bear claw mocha, espresso bar drinks, hot cocoa, hot spiced cider, and hot tea.

Gourmet pies were offered for $25 including, pumpkin, apple, pie, peach, cherry, pecan, as well as no sugar options. 

Pizzas were also offered for $15. (Gluten free options were available as well). 

From the bakery, guests were offered the Almond Bear Claw, chocolate filled croissant, butter croissant, turnovers, muffins, and giant cinnamon rolls. Pastries ranged from $3 - $5.

Sandwiches offered included ham and Swiss cheese, turkey and Swiss, roast beef and Swiss, pastrami and Swiss, veggie and Swiss, Chile Relleno sandwich, Chile and Cheese tamale sandwich, and Caprese sandwich. 

Pine Mountain Club Travel Tips

Plan Your Visit: 

Research Pine Mountain Club's amenities, activities, and accommodations in advance to make the most of your trip.

Check Road Conditions: 

Verify road conditions leading to Pine Mountain Club, especially during winter months when snow and ice may affect travel.

Pack Appropriately: 

Bring layers of clothing, including warm jackets and hats for cooler temperatures, as well as sunscreen and sunglasses for sunny days.

Explore Outdoor Activities: 

Take advantage of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, golfing, tennis, and horseback riding in the surrounding area.

Visit Fern's Lake: 

Enjoy fishing, picnicking, and wildlife viewing at Fern's Lake, a scenic spot located within Pine Mountain Club.

Dine at Local Restaurants: 

Sample local cuisine at restaurants and cafes in Pine Mountain Club, offering a variety of dining options from casual to fine dining.

Attend Community Events: 

Check the community calendar for events such as concerts, festivals, and art shows happening in Pine Mountain Club throughout the year.

Relax in Nature: 

Spend leisurely days exploring Pine Mountain Club's scenic trails, parks, and forests, and take in the fresh mountain air and peaceful surroundings.

Stay Active: 

Participate in fitness classes, yoga sessions, and recreational activities offered by the Pine Mountain Club community to stay active and healthy during your visit.

Respect Wildlife and Environment: 

Observe wildlife from a distance, dispose of trash properly, and follow trail etiquette to protect Pine Mountain Club's natural beauty and wildlife habitats.

Below are some photos from our last Pine Mountain Club trip from October 2020: 

Overall, if you're looking for a quiet, quick trip getaway from Los Angeles, perhaps try Pine Mountain Club and hike to the Mt. Pinos Summit. 


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